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Obalon Balloon Dallas, Cost, Risks, Diet and Results

Obalon Balloon System in Dallas

If you are overweight with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 and 40, you are at risk of developing some severe diseases and medical conditions such as Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases or stroke.

It is very important to lose excess weight so as to stay healthy.

Most people that are overweight find it very difficult to lose weight by exercising and dieting. It takes a lot of work and time to lose weight by exercising and you may not get your desired result.

An easy way to lose weight in a relatively short span of time is the Obalon Balloon system.

What is the Obalon Balloon System?

Obalon balloon system is a weight loss procedure that doesn’t require surgery. It is a non-surgical procedure that is done on people that are overweight and with a BMI of 30 and 40.

Obalon Balloon procedure

The procedure entails using balloons to fill a better portion of the stomach to drastically reduce the amount of food that can occupy the stomach. It also helps to reduce the urge to eat as the patient feel full for a long time without needing to eat.

This reduces the amount of calories that are consumed into the body, hence making the patient lose weight over time.

If you have tried out exercises and dieting but you didn’t lose weight, the procedure could be a great alternative. If you are not eligible for a bariatric surgical procedure, this is a great alternative procedure to lose weight.

What is the Obalon balloon made of?

Obalon balloon is made of plastic that is neatly folded into a capsule. The capsule is slightly bigger than a regular vitamin pill. The capsule is made of gelatin.

The capsule is swallowed by the patient with water. Each capsule is attached to a small bendable tube known as catheter. The tube link from your mouth through to your stomach. After you swallow the capsule, the doctor will make sure the capsule is in place in your stomach with the use of an ultrasound.

The capsule is then inflated with gas through the tube to increase its size. The increased size of the capsule (balloon) takes a bigger portion of the stomach.

How much does Obalon balloon cost in Dallas?

Different factors can affect the cost of obalon balloon. The cost may include; cost for initial consultation with your doctor, dietitian consultation, surgeon fee, post-placement surgeon visit, weekly dietitian and health coach visits, removal of the balloon, facility, and other medical attention.

All these medical care and attention summed up the total cost of the procedure. The total cost for the entire treatment ranges between $6,000 – $9,000, depending on the surgeon fees and other expenses.

Who is the ideal patient for Obalon balloon?

For you to be eligible to undergo an Obalon balloon procedure, you need to meet these requirements;

  • You should be overweight with a body mass index (BMI) of between 30 and 40. If your BMI is not up to 30 you are not eligible to undergo the procedure.
  • You have tried exercises and dieting but you are still not losing weight. You should first try to exercise and follow a diet to lose weight before you decide to undergo this procedure. If you have been exercising and dieting but you have not recorded any success in your weight loss, then you can be eligible for Obalon balloon.
  • You are not eligible to undergo other bariatric surgical procedures for losing weight. Bariatric surgical procedures for losing weight are more complex and invasive. Incisions will be made on your skin and there might be complications. If you don’t want incisions on your skin, you are an ideal candidate for this procedure.
  • You should be 22 years of age or older. The FDA approved that the right age for individuals to undergo this procedure is 22 years or older. If you are not up to 22 years, you are not eligible to undergo this procedure.

 What happens after patients get the Obalon Balloon System?

An Obalon balloon when inflated has a volume of 250cc and weighs about 3 grams. The size is about the size of an orange. When a patient has an obalon balloon in his/her stomach, it occupies a portion of the stomach and reduces the size of the stomach.

A patient needs to take in 3 balloons in a space of 3 months, increasing the total volume to 750cc. After the patient takes in all the 3 balloons, they are left inside the stomach for another 3 months before they are removed.

A larger portion of the stomach is occupied by the balloons and the patient can only take in a very little amount of food. It also decreases the appetite hormones and makes the patient feel full even without eating for a long time.

Excessive intake of calories is what causes weight gain and when these calories are greatly reduced, the individual starts to lose weight. Because the balloons have occupied a larger space in the stomach, the patient can only eat a very little amount of food and the intake of calories is very much reduced. This causes the patient to lose weight as time goes on.

Patients are recommended to exercise regularly during this treatment and follow a special diet that will be suggested to them by their dietitian. This is to facilitate better results.

 What are the potential side effects of the Obalon Balloon System?

There are no major side effects or complications when a patient undergoes obalon balloon. However, you may experience slight pains, nausea or discomfort in your stomach as a result of the balloon that was placed inside your stomach. All these can be easily treated with oral medications.

Other side effects which are very rare are deflations of the balloon when it is been inserted or removed. This could cause the balloon to move through your digestive system and may cause blockages. You may experience abdominal pain, back pain, gastro-oesophageal reflux, ulcer, indigestion or heaviness in your abdomen due to the weight of the balloon.

How many balloons are used during the treatment period?

Three balloons are used during the treatment period. The first balloon is placed at the beginning of the procedure, after a month, the second balloon is placed, then after 2-3 months, the third balloon is placed. The 3 balloons are left inside the stomach for an additional 3 months.

How long is the treatment? 

The obalon treatment takes a total of 12 months to complete. At the beginning of the treatment, the doctor will insert the first balloon, after a month, the second balloon will be inserted, after 2-3 months, the third balloon will be inserted.

After the 3 balloons are placed inside the stomach, they will be left in the stomach for an additional 3 months. This makes a total of 6 months before they are removed.

During the treatment, you are made to follow a special diet and healthy lifestyle by eating special food and exercising regularly. When the doctor removes the 3 balloons in the 6th month, you are required to continue with the exercise and diet for another 6 months. This totals the number of months to 12 months for the entire treatment to be completed.

Best Doctor for getting Obalon balloon system in Dallas

The best doctor for obalon balloon system in Dallas is Dr. Prashant Kedia.

Dr. Prashant Kedia is a therapeutic endoscopist and gastroenterologist serving in Dallas, Texas.

Dr. Prashant Kedia graduated with a Medical Degree from the University of Chicago, Pritzker School of Medicine. He does not only have a medical degree but also went further to complete his residency in Internal Medicine from the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.

Dr. Kedia has been practicing for several years and has committed a larger part of his life studying Therapeutic Endoscopy and he is now a specialist in Therapeutic Endoscopy. He is very well-experienced and has successfully completed over 3000 endoscopic procedures.

Dr. Kedia further completed a General Gastroenterology Fellowship at the Icahn School of Medicine in Mount Sinai and also did an additional year of Advanced Endoscopy association at Weill Cornell Medical Center.

Dr. Kedia is a highly-specialized and experienced therapeutic endoscopist. He is the Medical Director of Interventional Endoscopy at Methodist Dallas Medical Center. He provides several spectra of general and complex digestive disorders care and treatments.

He practices gastroenterology and interventional endoscopy in Dallas/Fort Worth area and has performed some of the most innovative endoscopic procedures available in the world today.

Dr. Kedia is absolutely the best doctor you can find when you need to undergo Obalon Balloon treatment. He has a brilliant reputation and he is well-experienced.

He cares a lot for his patients and provides them with the best medical advice to ease their mind. He treats all his patients with love, tenderness, patience and at the highest medical standard. As a patient, you are totally free to speak up and say anything that bothers you to him and he will totally attend to your needs.

Obalon Balloon dallas, cost, risks, etc

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