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Pancreas Cysts

A pancreatic cyst is defined as a pocket of fluid that is found in or on your pancreas, which is an organ behind your stomach. Many cysts of the pancreas are not cancerous and may not even have symptoms. Most are found while a physician is doing imagine for another issue. However, some cysts can become cancerous. Because of this, your physician may take a sample of the fluid in a cyst to do testing.

Pancreas Cysts

What Are Symptoms of Pancreatic Cysts?

Some studies show that over 30% of people may have a pancreas cyst in their lifetime.  Most pancreas cysts cause patient no symptoms.  In fact most pancreas cysts are diagnosed incidentally when they are getting radiographic imaging (i.e. CT or MRI) for other reasons.  Occasionally cysts may cause pain, nausea, vomiting, or weight loss.  The concern for physicians about pancreas cysts is that some of them have the potential to turn into cancer.  It is the job of the pancreas specialist to help determine this risk.

When Should I Visit a Doctor? How are Cysts Evaluated?

Not every pancreas cyst has the potential to turn into cancer.  However every pancreas cyst probably merits evaluation by a pancreas specialist to determine its malignant potential.  This in many cases may be just a simple imaging study such as CT or MRI.  However in cases where a pancreas cyst is large or has concerning features, sampling of the cyst may be needed.  The gold standard for sampling fluid from pancreas cysts is by EUS (endoscopic ultrasound).  Dr. Kedia is a pancreas specialist with expertise to evaluate and sample pancreas cysts to help prevent pancreas cancer.

How Are Pancreatic Cysts Treated?

There are many guidelines published on the management of pancreas cysts.  As most pancreas cysts will have low potential of turning into cancer over a lifetime, they require no intervention.  The vast majority just need radiographic surveillance every 1-2 years with imaging.

If a cyst is determined to have significant risk of cancer, then the gold standard is to remove it by surgery.  There are new endoscopic options available for treatment of cysts without surgery – such as EUS-guided radiofrequency ablation .

Treating Pancreas Cysts in Dallas, Tx

Are you interested in learning more about pancreas cysts or other GI disorders? We invite you to contact us to learn more. Dr. Prashant Kedia is a therapeutic endoscopist and gastroenterologist serving patients in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and beyond. Call today to schedule an appointment at (214) 941-6891.

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