EUS-guided pelvic abscess drainage

What is a Pelvic Abscess?

An abscess is a collection of fluid with inflammatory or infectious contents within it.  Abscesses can occur in various parts of the body including the lower abdomen or pelvic region. Pelvic abscesses can arise for a variety of reasons such as diverticulitis, surgical complications or other inflammatory disorders.

What are the symptoms of a Pelvic Abscess?

Pelvic abscesses may cause various symptoms including abdominal pain, cramping, nausea, vomiting, fever, chills, and sweats.

How do you treat a Pelvic Abscess?

The conventional therapy for these patients has been either percutaneous drainage (PCD) or surgery. PCD involves plastic drain placed through the skin into the abscess to drain it. Alternatively, a surgeon can dissect into the abdomen to the level of the abscess and drain it from the inside.

What is EUS-guided pelvic abscess drainage?

The majority of these collections surround the rectum, which allows endoscopists to easily access and drain pelvic abscesses from inside the body.  An endoscope can be inserted into the rectum and a stent (plastic or metal tube) can be inserted into the pelvic abscess through the rectum and drain the abscess internally. EUS-guided drainage of pelvic abscesses has been shown to be safe and effective and is the least invasive option for patients.

Pelvic Abscess treatment in Dallas, Tx?

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Pelvic Abscess

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