Lap Band Surgery Truth Bomb: The Gritty Pros & Cons

Lap Band Surgery in Dallas, Tx

Lap band surgery in Dallas, Tx, is a procedure that involves the surgical placement of a lap band ring at the top part of the stomach. A lap band ring is a small ring placed at the upper part of the stomach to slow the entering of food into the stomach and limit food consumption.

Lap Band Surgery in Dallas, Tx
Lap Band Surgery in Dallas, Tx

This surgery works by preventing food from getting into the major part of the stomach and increasing stomach fullness in people to minimize the amount of food that they consume. It’s a suitable weight loss surgery for people suffering from the effects of severe obesity.

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Like every other weight loss procedure, lap surgery has advantages and disadvantages. Knowing its advantages and disadvantages beforehand prepares you for what to expect. You need to prepare yourself for all the things to come before, during or post-surgery.

Additionally, you need to find the right approach to minimize risk and side effects while maximizing the outcome of the results of the procedure.

Pros of Lap Band Surgery

Increased weight loss

One of the major benefits of lap band surgery is its significant weight loss results. The entire technique involved in the surgery works to limit excess food consumption and increased weight loss significantly.

The procedure allows you to lose up to 3 pounds of excess weight weekly.

Reversible procedure

Another pro of the lap band surgery is that the entire procedure is completely reversible. The lap band inserted can be removed at any time if the patient doesn’t get desired results or if there are any complications.

Pros of Lap Band Surgery
Pros of Lap Band Surgery

Minimally invasive

An advantage of this surgical weight loss solution is that it’s minimally invasive. It’s one of the least invasive weight loss surgical treatments.

It doesn’t require extensive downtime or recovery as it’s not as invasive as other surgical alternatives.

Lower risk of nutritional deficiencies

Opting for lap band surgery helps lower your risk of nutritional deficiencies.  Weight loss treatments limit food consumption and even intestinal absorption.

However, it only limits excess food intake, but the intestine is still fully intact to absorb the needed nutrients and avoid any skeletal issues. Losing weight doesn’t mean you should be nutritionally deficient; this surgery helps you eat the right portion of food and get your required nutrients.

Improved quality of life

This surgery is much more than a weight loss solution. It helps with eliminating excess body weight and minimizing the risk of severe weight-related health issues. It helps reverse the risk to health obese patients may be experiencing, allowing for an improved quality of life.

Reduced risk of obesity-related conditions

Obesity-related conditions are only seen in people with excess body weight; this surgery boosts weight and these risks.

High blood pressure, dyslipidemia, diabetes and heart diseases are some of these conditions related to obesity that can be avoided with this surgery.

Long-term weight maintenance

This surgical weight loss solution doesn’t just offer significant weight loss results; it is useful in long-term weight management. With lap band surgery, you won’t have to worry about ineffective weight loss results or weight regain.

When you follow the appropriate instructions and adopt a healthier lifestyle, you should expect your results to last long.

Customizable adjustments

This weight loss solution is a customizable treatment. It’s easier to make customizable adjustments to this surgical procedure than other alternatives.

The provider assesses your concerns and analyzes your weight and body, and other factors to make necessary adjustments to the procedure for better and improved results.

A Shorter hospital stay

This surgery is minimally invasive; it’s nothing too extensive and requires only a short hospital stay. It doesn’t require an extensive downtime or recovery period, and you can get back to your daily routine in no time.

Improved body image

Another pro of lap band surgery is that it improves your body image. It does this by helping to eliminate excess body weight and making you feel more positive about your body. Improved body image also helps boost self-esteem and self-confidence.

Cons of Lap Band Surgery

Slow weight loss

The average excess weight loss you can get with a lap band surgery is 3% per week, and this is low in comparison with some other surgical alternatives.

A slow weight loss journey results are one disadvantage you will have to deal with when it comes to gastric band surgery.

Need for lifestyle changes.

With gastric band surgery comes the need for specific lifestyle changes. You will be required to change your diet, exercise more and drop certain inappropriate behaviour that can affect the results of your weight loss surgery.

Potential for band slippage or erosion

This surgery is associated with the risk of band slippage or erosion. The risk isn’t very straightforward and may not manifest itself easily.

Before you go for a lap surgery, consult a professional to make well-informed decisions.

Frequent follow-up visits

If you’re considering gastric band surgery as a viable treatment option, you should know you will need a regular follow-up visit. It’s still a surgery, and even though it’s attached with a shorter hospital stay, you will still need to visit the clinic routinely for follow-up check-ups and treatment.

Vomiting or acid reflux

Another downside to the surgical weight loss procedure is vomiting and acid reflux. Acid reflux is commonly seen after procedures like lap band surgery, and nausea and vomiting may be observed with acid reflux.

Food intolerance or blockage

Food intolerance or blockage is a risk of gastric band surgery. Placing a lap band ring in the stomach allows for only a small portion to be available for food.

It also doesn’t help that you may be unable to tolerate certain foods, such as meat, after the procedure, which can cause nutrient deficiency if it’s not quickly addressed.

Risk of infection

The risk of wound infections and bleeding is also observed in this surgery patients. Working with a trusted professional and preparing well while following post-procedure instructions can help minimize these risks.

Emotional and psychological challenges

One may think that the improvement in body image should eliminate any psychological challenges or emotional issues an individual may have before the procedure in some patients, but it’s not the case, mostly due to unrealistic expectations and the changes individuals have to deal with after this surgery.

It’s essential to consider the emotional and psychological toll this surgery may cause before deciding.

Cost Considerations of Lap Band Surgery in Dallas, Tx

Lap band surgery can be expensive for most people. A typical gastric band surgery can cost anywhere from $9,000 to $18,000, depending on your location, surgeon and clinic. You need to consider your budget before deciding whether or not to undergo surgery.

Insurance coverage limitations

Gastric band surgery is mostly covered by insurance, but some insurance companies don’t cover this surgery.

This limitation may make the treatment inaccessible for some individuals that can’t afford the cost of the surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does lap band surgery take?

It can take an hour to two hours to be completed.

What is the recovery time after surgery?

It takes four weeks or less to recover completely after undergoing surgery.

Can the lap band be adjusted multiple times?

Yes, it can be adjusted multiple times.

Are there any dietary restrictions after surgery?

Yes, there are dietary restrictions to follow immediately after your surgery. Your weight loss doctor or surgeon will provide you with a list of diets to take until full recovery.

Will I need to take supplements after the procedure?

Yes, you must take supplements for proper nutrition after the procedure.

Can lap band surgery be performed on adolescents?

This surgery isn’t FDA approved for individuals aged 18 years or lesser.

What is the average weight loss after surgery?

One can lose about 40% of excess weight in 2 years post-surgery.

How soon can I return to work after lap band surgery?

Returning to work after gastric band surgery will take about two weeks.

Does insurance cover lap band surgery in Dallas, Tx?

Most insurance plans cover the procedure. Contact your insurance provider to know if your insurance plan covers lap band surgery in Dallas, Tx.

Can lap band surgery be performed on patients with previous abdominal surgeries?

Yes. It can be performed on patients with previous abdominal surgeries.

Best Doctor for Lap band surgery in Dallas, Tx

Lap band surgery is a relatively safe and easy weight loss solution. It offers long-term results and doesn’t require extensive time or a recovery period. It’s associated with downsides like food intolerance and possible risk of infections.

Best Doctor for Lap band surgery in Dallas, Tx
Best Doctor for Lap band surgery in Dallas, Tx

Researching all the pros and cons of lap band surgery isn’t enough. You should consult an experienced weight loss professional like Dr Kedia, MD, to learn more about this weight loss surgery in Dallas, Tx. Consulting with a tested medical professional will provide insights and guidance to help make better-informed decisions.

We encourage you to contact Dr KediaMD in Dallas, TX, for professional advice and recommendations.

Give us a quick call at +214-941-6891.

You can also book a consultation session with Dr Kedia, MD.

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