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Prescription Weight Loss in Dallas, Tx

It’s now easier to explore as many weight loss solutions as you can to achieve your ideal body weight. One of the most straightforward solutions for weight loss is prescription medications. There are numerous prescription weight loss options in Dallas, Tx. Thus, you need to consult with a professional to ensure you get the most suitable option for you.

Importance of addressing weight loss through personalized and medically supervised approaches.

Each individual is on a unique weight loss journey, and there’s a need for each one to work with a professional for a customized and medically supervised approach to weight loss.

Doing this will not only make your weight loss journey more efficient, but it also minimizes the risk of possible complications and allows you to achieve your weight goals.

Understanding Prescription Weight Loss in Dallas, Tx

Understanding Prescription Weight Loss in Dallas, Tx
Understanding Prescription Weight Loss in Dallas, Tx

Prescription weight loss is medications prescribed to suppress appetite and reduce food cravings. They’re also known as weight loss medications or anti-obesity medications. This includes FDA-approved anti-obesity medications.

Most of these drugs work by minimizing the consumption of excess calories, resulting in weight loss. The pills help reduce cravings for foods that the body does not need.

The key benefit of prescription weight loss is its significant help in promoting excess weight loss. Maintaining healthy body weight is associated with a lot of health benefits ranging from lowering lipid levels as well as lowering blood pressure.

How prescription weight loss differs from other weight loss methods

Weight loss solutions range from injections and prescriptions to surgeries. While they’re all effective, the most convenient and non-invasive option of all is weight loss drugs.

There’s no need for surgery or any downtime, you just need to get your prescriptions from a licensed professional, and it’s dosing to start your weight loss journey.

Weight loss prescriptions offer moderate weight loss results, and they are convenient to use. Weight loss prescriptions are an option to explore if you’ve tried to lose weight with other options and haven’t seen good results.

The Role of KediaMD in Prescription Weight Loss in Dallas, Tx

The Role of KediaMD in Prescription Weight Loss in Dallas, Tx
The Role of KediaMD in Prescription Weight Loss in Dallas, Tx

Expertise and qualifications of the professionals at KediaMD 

Various Clinics offer prescription weight loss programs, but one of the best clinics to get yours from is KediaMD. There are a lot of factors that distinguish KediaMD from many other clinics around, and its professional expertise and qualifications are one. The clinic is headed by Dr Prashant Kedia, a highly sought-after gastroenterologist.

He’s the Medical Director of Interventional Endoscopy at Methodist Dallas Medical Center, and he’s known for offering professional, excellent and compassionate care for all his patients. Partnering with him for your weight loss journey will get you the results you want.

Personalized weight loss programs tailored to individual needs and goals

Weight loss programs for each individual vary depending on individual goals, needs, and concerns. The best way an individual can achieve desired results is to work with a personalized weight loss program.

KediaMD offers one of the most customized and well-tailored weight loss programs for various individuals. Get in touch with us for an initial consultation, where we will discuss your body weight and everything necessary to create the ideal weight loss program tailored to your needs and goals.

Key Services and Treatments Offered by KediaMD 

One of the key devices offered by KediaMD is endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty (ESG). ESG is a minimally invasive weight loss procedure that involves the use of sutures. The sutures are inserted through the throat into the stomach to shrink the stomach and make it smaller.

It’s an option to consider if excess body weight persists even after dieting and exercising. By encouraging healthy weight management, the procedure helps minimize the risks of severe weight-related health conditions.

This weight loss solution isn’t suitable for everyone. You should schedule an appointment with KediaMD to know if it’s an ideal option for you. It’s not associated with extensive downtime or risk of complications associated with surgical weight loss solutions.

Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty is best combined with diet, exercise and other healthy lifestyle modifications to get maximum and long-lasting results.

Various Prescription Weight Loss Treatments Available

There are a lot of weight loss prescriptions; the approved ones for fat-burning and appetite suppression include:

Various Prescription Weight Loss Treatments Available
Various Prescription Weight Loss Treatments Available


This is a combination weight loss medication. It sends signals to the brain to reduce food consumption. It’s an extended-release drug formula, and it’s approved for long-term use. You can start noticing weight loss results by 12 weeks. If not, it’s not ideal for you.


This is an FDA-approved prescription weight loss treatment in Dallas, Tx. Reports have shown that Liraglutide can reduce body weight to about 4% within 16 weeks of starting the prescription.

It mimics an intestinal hormone that improves satiety by sending signals to the brain that the stomach is full.


Orlistat is also a prescription weight loss in Dallas, Tx. Its low-strength fork can be gotten without a prescription, but it’s highly recommended to get a prescription for the medication. It’s important to follow a low-fat diet with this medication to see good results when used for weight loss.

It functions for weight loss by preventing the body from absorbing a significant portion of the fat consumed. It’s attached with only mild side effects, which include passing gas.


Phentermine-topiramate is another combination medication for weight loss. This combination works for fat loss in different ways.

It helps suppress appetite, it makes food seem and taste less appealing, and it helps burn excess calories in the body. It is not suitable for everyone, so you should check with a medical professional to know if it is suitable for you.


Semaglutide promotes weight loss by boosting satiety and suppressing the appetite. Taking semaglutide for weight loss should be combined with a low-calorie diet and exercise to get good results.

You will need to take Semaglutide continuously to manage your weight forever, as you can regain most of the weight back when you stop taking the medication.


This is an approved anti-obesity medication. It works by decreasing calorie consumption, suppressing appetite, and promoting the usage of stored calories. It’s injected subcutaneously, and you’re expected to start with low dosing before increasing after a while.

Consulting with a professional will help you determine the appropriate dosing and usage. It’s not suitable for everyone, so check with a professional to know if it’s right for you.

Individualized diet and nutrition plans

Diet and nutrition plans are essential if you’re trying to lose weight. While some weight might not be lost with diet modifications, combining a good diet and nutrition plan with a weight loss solution like weight loss drugs offers great results.

KediaMD curates personalized diet and nutrition plans for clients to help them maximize the results of their weight loss programs. Whether it’s a keto diet, paleo diet, or low-fat diet, contact us at KediaMD to get the perfect diet plan for your weight loss journey.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How does prescription weight loss work?

Most weight loss drugs work by reducing the appetite, making your stomach feel fuller, or increasing the rate of energy expenditure by the body. Some also minimize the amount of fat absorbed by the body.

Is prescription weight loss safe?

Yes, it’s safe and effective. There are many online testimonials showcasing patients’ positive experiences with weight loss drugs.

Can anyone opt for prescription weight loss programs?

These weight loss programs are not suitable for everyone. You need to consult with a medical professional to know if you’re ideal for a weight loss drugs program.

How long does it take to see results?

It takes about two months or more for most individuals to see noticeable results.

Are prescription weight loss programs covered by insurance?

Most insurance does not cover weight loss drug programs, but few offer reimbursement. Contact your insurance provider for inquiries about this weight loss program.

How much is prescription weight loss at KediaMD?

Prescription weight loss at KediaMD costs about $900, depending on your program. Contact us for accurate pricing information.

Are there any potential side effects of prescription weight loss medications?

Yes, Weight loss medications are associated with mild to moderate side effects.

What sets KediaMD apart from other weight loss centres in Dallas, TX?

Our expertise and experience distinguished KediaMD from most other weight loss centres in Dallas. Our holistic and personalized approaches to weight loss treatment are also a part of our unique features.

Can prescription weight loss help individuals with certain medical conditions?

Yes, These programs can help obese patients and people with higher-than-normal BMI suffering from health issues such as high cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure.

How to Get Started at KediaMD for Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty 

Contact information and location details:

220 W. Colorado Blvd

Pavilion 2, suite 630

Dallas, TX 75208

Free call 24/7


Initial consultation process

Before you can get started with any prescription weight loss program at KediaMD, you need to schedule an initial consultation. During the consultation session, your concerns, goals, and needs will be discussed. The information gathered will be used to create a personalized prescription weight loss program that is most suitable for you.

Overview of the steps involved in joining a prescription weight loss program (endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty)

Schedule an appointment with KediaMD.

Visit us for an initial consultation session.

Get started on your personalized treatment plan.

Follow the program appropriately for effective results.

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