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Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty Results Explained Dallas, TX

Undergoing endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty (ESG) is the perfect solution for weight loss. If you are obese or overweight and you have tried lifestyle modifications and weight loss medications but they’re not working, you should consider undergoing ESG.

ESG is a relatively simple metabolic and bariatric procedure that’s used to reduce the size of the stomach by 70-80% to encourage weight loss. ESG results in significant weight loss with minimal side effects than more invasive weight loss alternatives.

The results of the procedure are visible within three months and you see about 15-20% excess weight loss during this short time. Significant weight loss will be seen within the first 18 months post-procedure.

The results you get with the ESG procedure can last for a long period especially when combined with exercise and healthy nutritional support.

About two years after the procedure, you achieve a stable body weight. Note that results vary from patient to patient, but the typical outcome of the ESG is to remove excess weight and keep it off.

Reduction in the risk of comorbidities like hypertension, diabetes mellitus and obstructive sleep apnea are other health benefits that result from ESG.

Five-Year Outcomes of Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty for the Treatment of Obesity

Five-Year Outcomes of Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty for the Treatment of Obesity
Five-Year Outcomes of Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty for the Treatment of Obesity

The five-year outcome of endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty in the treatment of obesity is similar to its two-year outcome if you actively work to maintain the results. With proper nutritional support recommended by your provider you can expect about 60-70% excess weight loss overall and you will be able to maintain about 40% of the weight loss in five years.

A recent study discovered a very sustainable, significant weight loss for over 200 patients between the 1- and 5-year mark, losing an average of up to 15 to 20 percent of total body weight.

According to the same study, ESG has fewer sustained adverse complications in comparison to other surgical weight loss procedures.

6-Month Gastrointestinal Quality of Life (QoL) Results after Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty

In the 6-month evaluation, ESG has been proven to provide a good amount of weight loss results, it can significantly affect QoL and allow the patient to live a better life. It helps remove the strain that carrying around extra body weight causes on the body system.

When you shed extra fat you minimize the burden of excess fat on your heart, lungs, blood vessels as well as your musculoskeletal system.

Suture Sculpt Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty Before & After

ESG is a minimally invasive procedure with a reduced risk of post-surgical complications. It has been gaining recognition over the past several years because of the favourable weight loss outcomes experienced by patients evidenced by their real-life before and after images.

There are a lot of endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty success stories all over social media and the internet because it really works. Most include women who have been able to go from being extremely overweight and battling with obesity-related health conditions to losing an average of 40 pounds and enjoying a better quality of life.

Men also take advantage of this treatment to go from having excess body fat to achieving their body goals.

Hormone Changes After Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty

ESG reduces gastric lumen and promotes significant weight loss. There is limited research on metabolic and physiological alteration post-ESG. Recent studies have shown that certain hormonal changes occur after ESG, especially gut hormones like ghrelin, GLP-1, peptide-YY, insulin, leptin, and adiponectin.

A huge decline in the level of leptin was observed six months after the procedure as well as a decrease in insulin levels and improvement in insulin secretory pattern.

However, no change was observed in fasting ghrelin levels, GLP-1, and PYY. ESG-induced gut hormone changes in a different manner than other weight loss procedures.

How Do We Know Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty (ESG) Really Works?

For endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty, there are established pre-determined metrics that can be used to know if the ESG really worked. Specifically two metrics related to overall weight loss and complication rates are used. One is that the treatment must produce a greater than 25% reduction in excess weight.

That means if a patient is 120 pounds overweight, such a patient must have lost a minimum of 25 pounds with this procedure to show that the procedure is effective.

Another is that the procedure must have a less than 5% risk of serious complications. Once a patient is experiencing severe serious complications ESG can’t be classified as an effective one.

ESG Success Rates for Weight Loss

ESG Success Rates for Weight Loss
ESG Success Rates for Weight Loss

ESG is currently the most effective non-surgical weight loss procedure offering an average of 23.1% total body weight loss within a year. Results typically vary for each patient undergoing ESG.

However, most patients will lose more than 50% of their excess body weight. Health benefits of ESG include improved blood pressure, better blood sugar control, and improvement in sleep apnea. ESG has a high success rate. On average, the success rate of ESG is over 80%.

The success rate isn’t only due to the effectiveness of the procedure and the skill of the provider. Greater than these two factors is the patient’s commitment to the procedure before and after instructions.

It’s important to follow your doctor’s expert recommendations and guidance carefully and make healthy decisions on nutrition and exercise. Neither you nor your doctor can work alone to achieve the best outcome with ESG, you’ve to work together to achieve your weight loss goals with this procedure.

Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty Results in Higher Weight Loss Compared With Lifestyle Modifications Alone

There is statistical and clinical evidence that shows that endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty is more effective than lifestyle modification for weight loss in patients with obesity.

This minimally invasive procedure has been demonstrated in the MERIT randomized, controlled trial and many other studies to result in substantial and durable additional weight loss in adults with obesity compared with lifestyle modification alone.

Approximately three-quarters (77%) of patients who underwent ESG in combination with lifestyle modifications achieved a 25% or more reduction in their excess weight, which is far greater than patients who relied only on lifestyle modifications.

ESG appears to be a promising alternative for patients who have difficulty in complying with lifestyle modifications alone for weight loss.

Short-term Outcomes of Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty in 1000 Consecutive Patients

Short-term Outcomes of Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty in 1000 Consecutive Patients
Short-term Outcomes of Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty in 1000 Consecutive Patients

A study was carried out on 1000 patients to demonstrate the short-term outcomes of ESG. The study was a consecutive case series from a prospective observational study executed in a specialized center with a standardized pathway. The results show that about 6.9% and 14.3% were lost to follow-up at the 12- and 18-month visits respectively.

Thirteen of 17 cases of diabetes, all 28 cases of hypertension, and 18 of 32 cases of dyslipidemia were in complete remission by the third month post-procedure.  924 patients (92.4%) complained of nausea or abdominal pain during the first week after the procedure. The abdominal pain and nausea were controlled with medications.

Twenty-four patients were readmitted for various issues. 8 of which were admitted for severe abdominal pain, of which 3 had ESG reversal; 7 patients for post-procedure bleeding, 2 of whom received 2 units of packed red blood cells; 4 patients for perigastric collection with pleural effusion, 3 of whom underwent percutaneous drainage; and 5 patients for post-procedure fever alone.

Eight patients were revised to sleeve gastrectomy, and 5 patients had to undergo another ESG. No patient required an emergency intervention, and there were no death. With this study, it’s safe to say that ESG has a positive short-term outcome.

In conclusion, ESG can safely induce significant, sustained weight loss and resolution of weight-related comorbidities.

Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty Before and After Weight Loss Chart

There are quite a number of inspiring testimonials of patients who underwent the life-altering endoscopic sleeve procedure. One of the numerous fascinating testimonials is that of a mum and entrepreneur who worked out six days a week but was stress eating and eating too much.

Despite her rigorous exercise schedule, she still weighed over 200 pounds. About 2 months after ESG she is down to 180 and continues to lose weight.

Another is that of a man who has tried several different weight loss solutions but none of them worked for him. He was experiencing some weight-related health problems and thought to try the popular endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty.

Just a few months after the procedure he was down 45 pounds and his cholesterol levels were within normal ranges.


What happens after endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty?

You experience side effects that resolve within a week. You also get healthy diet recommendations that you’re meant to follow after the procedure for a successful outcome.

Which weight loss procedure has the highest success rate?

Gastric bypass has the highest successful rate and endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty is a close second.

How Much Weight Can I Lose With ESG?

You can lose 15% to 20% of your total weight, or 60% of your excess weight within a year post-procedure.

Does ESG increase returns?

ESG leads to drastic weight loss over time. The weight loss result that you will achieve with ESG is better than that of lifestyle modifications or weight loss medications. Hence, investing in ESG will result in better returns on investment.

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